Alltid fri frakt & retur




Our favorite season is here! For Autumn / Winter 2019 we have a large variety of jackets, boots, bags and sneakers. Both for crispy autumn weather, but also for those really cold months. We’ve sat down with Johanna Gartmyr, Lead Designer Outerwear, to talk about this collection.

What inspired you when creating this collection?
- This season I was looking back at the Tretorn roots and our heritage within Scandinavian design and its simplicity. Our minimalistic and clean shapes that have evolved over time and slowly created the unique Tretorn style that was born from the core and need for function. Nature is also important and a constant inspiration. The weather elements have always challenged us to design products that can be used as weather protection, but still never comprised with style.

How are you as a designer affected by climate changes?

- Sometimes I have to ask myself if my children will remember winter as I do. Winter is not what it used to be. Winter is more rain than snow. This climate change puts a high demand on functional outerwear and boots for comfort and shelter through the seasons. This is something that Tretorn have done for 127 years now.  We have the crafts, skills and innovative mindset to develop fantastic products. That together with the heritage, the weather protection and the focus on design is what makes us unique and has also been a focus for the FW19 season.

What does the Eco Essentials Initiative mean to you?

- It’s very close to my heart and inspiring to be able to share our beliefs in responsibility with the rest of the world. We aim to engage the modern consumer by delivering high-quality and responsibly produced products that fuse environmental consciousness with the adventuresome spirit of outdoor enthusiasts - without comprising an urban style. 

Tell us about the seasonal colors of this year!
- Being in nature has always been a part of our lifestyle and in nature we also find our inspiration. You can find every color in nature - you just have to look around. This season I have focused on four strong autumn colors:


- This is a color inspired by the autumn landscape, when the leaves shifting color and the trees are glowing. This color is the ultimate autumn and winter color. It’s genderless, easy to combine and It gives a bit energy even if its tone down. 


- Blueberry milk is the perfect Scandinavian autumn color that brings a calm and relaxed feeling to the collection. It reminds us of the long days in the forest collecting blueberries. It has a soft tone. It’s a pink with a touch of blue.

- Arctic green is a color inspired of our Scandinavian proximity to the icy arctic landscapes up north with extreme cold and cold green hue without being too intense. It’s a sporty look also inspired from the Eco Essentials initiative with recycled fishing nets. 


- Plum is the rich sophisticated autumn must have - the color that close the circle of AW19 seasonal colors. Together they create a really strong color concept that lift all our products, new and existing.

Thank you, Johanna! Shop AW19 here.