Alltid fri frakt & retur



In 2016 we started the project Ghost Net Collection together with the Swedish retailer Naturkompaniet. The project was sprung out of the fact that approximately 650,000 tons of fishing nets are left as debris on the bottoms of our oceans.

Fishing nets are made from the world’s best synthetic materials, which decay slowly, and driven by wind and currents, can drift for years. Many of the fishing nets end up caught on a reef wiping out complete ecosystems while swaying in the current. Ghost nets are among the greatest killers in our oceans.

The project turned out really great and we were thrilled to see how many of you who shared our passion to save the oceans. This spring we decided to do a few updates on the jacket and launched it in our main collection.

The success from the second launch and the ongoing interest for the jacket made us design a winterized Rain Jacket From The Sea. So that all the ocean guardians out there can wear their favorite rain jacket all year around. Rain Jacket From The Sea is now available instore and in our web shop.

To find out more about the design process, I had a little chat with Johanna Gartmyr, the designer of Rain Jacket From The Sea.

Hi Johanna, what was your inspiration behind the design for Rain Jacket From The Sea Winter?

- The biggest inspiration for me was the fusion and creation between this unique material and a functional urban parka. The combination created a really strong product that is an important piece in our autumn collection. The story of the fabric is very inspirational. Both in how we can use waste as a resource and at the time highlight the problem with ghost nets.

What’s important when you create a new jacket?

- I wanted to work with a classic timeless design language. That is important when designing products that shall last for several seasons. All details matters, from the color of the jacket to the design and even the fit. The opportunity for autumn was to winterize our classic Rain Jacket From The Sea and continue this unique jacket even for colder seasons.

Why is winterized Rain Jacket From The Sea a great rain jacket?

- The padding in combination with the functional shell fabric creates optimal comfort. The jacket is both waterproof, windproof and breathable and gives you all the befits from functional jacket without having a too sporty or high-tech look. Since it has a clean look but still is equipped with several features and functions, it really makes it the perfect jacket for an urban environment, no matter the weather.

Thank you Johanna!