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  • Sneakers heritage

    Tretorn is the second oldest sneaker manufacturer in world, with a heritage dating back to the 1st of May year 1900. We’ve launched many true originals over the years. Like the first luxury tennis sneaker Nylite, the on court tennis shoe Tournament and the technical tennis clay court shoe Racket to name a few. 

    In spring 2019 we start the exiting journey bringing back premium archive sneakers from our almost 120 years long heritage as a preppy sport sneaker manufacturer. With an archive and history that no other brand has, we start with focus on true originals from specific key years.

    2016 Tretorn started the Eco Essentials Initiative and from 2019 all Tretorn Sneakers has been included in the initiative. We make our sneakers with the intention of crafting high quality premium sneaker classics without causing unnecessary harm to the environment. Responsible sneaker manufacturing for us includes using only carefully selected natural rubber plantations, changing all insole construction to recycled rubber, locally sourced canvas and eco suede suppliers with water reduction programs and chemical restrictions.

1900 – First sneaker

What many don’t know is that Tretorn is the second oldest sneaker manufacture in the world. Right after the US rubber company started producing Keds. The Dunker family were big sports enthusiasts and with the knowledge how to vulcanizing rubber Henry Dunker decided to start going into the sports business. 1st May 1900, we produced our first rubber sole sneaker. A huge innovation in footwear and the beginning of a new era for Tretorn.

1930 – Leading on canvas shoes

30 years after Tretorn’s first sneaker was produced the canvas shoe had a huge breakthrough on the global market. Sneakers quickly become a global phenomenon and Tretorn became a sneakers brand on the global market. This was the prime time for Tretorn and many other sneakers brands.

1955 - Tournament

As a natural step from the success with sport shoes in the 30’s, we introduced a remake of the Tournament as an on court tennis sneaker. The style is a true original and re-launched in a contemporary eco design for 2019.

1961 - Racket

First launched as “Davis Cup” and later renamed to “Racket”. This wildly popular original ‘ Racket ‘ sneaker was made for professional court tennis. With its robust rubber toecap and the three-layer pimpled sole, that wouldn’t wear out during the toughest of play. It was an innovative tennis clay court shoe that raised to iconic heights. This is a true original icon and re-launched in a contemporary eco design for 2019.

1967 – Nylite Launch

In 1967 Tretorn launched Nylite, the first luxury tennis sneaker in the world. It became a favorite when tennis stars like Björn Borg and Martina Navratilova dominated the world’s stage. Borg wore the shoe both on and off the court, and it rocketed to celebrity status after being used at both Wimbledon and US-open in the 70’s. By the late 80’s we had also established ourselves in the world of fashion. Using innovation to drive both functionality and design our shoes became style staples. The canvas Nylite was named the must-have in The Official Preppy Handbook.

1968 – Official Swedish Olympic team sneaker

The Olympics took place in Mexico 1968, also known as the design Olympics because of the graphic design campaign, which became one of the most famous in Olympic history. Tretorn was proud creators of the official Swedish Olympic team sneaker and became after this event even more acknowledge as a sports and sneakers brand across the world. 

The Olympic was also the official Olympic team sneaker during the winter Olympics in Grenoble

1973 – The King in models Tretorn

The Swedish King (crown prince at the time) was on the cover of Tretorn’s staff magazine called “Skohornet” wearing the Olympic sneaker.  

1980- Preppy handbook

During the 80’s the preppy trend grew in US and the famous Preppy Handbook was written. The book taught the readers where to shop, what to wear and became quickly very popular among young people. Nylite had at that time been seen on several famous people and had a celebrity status. In 1980’s when the Preppy Handbook was released, Nylite was named as one of the must-have sneakers ” in the handbook. A huge recognition that made the shoe even more popular!

2005 – Sneakers award

Tretorn wins Swedish fashion magazine Café´s fashion award as the year’s sneaker brand.

2007 - Treton X Acne co-lab no 1

Tretorn and Acne goes into collaboration and launches three different co-labs over three seasons. The first Treton X Acne sneakers collaboration was presented in 2007. 

2008 - Treton X Acne co-lab no 2

Tretorn and Acne present their second Treton X Acne sneakers collaboration.

2009 - Tretorn X Acne co-lab no 3

Tretorn and Acne present their third Treton X Acne sneakers collaboration. 

2009 – Comme De Garçon co-lab

Exclusive sneakers collaboration with Comme De Garçon is launched.  The co-lab was very successful and seen on the feet of global music stars like Kanye West.

2018 – Tretorn by André Benjamin 3000

The “I André Benjamin Will Not Draw In Class” Collection launches. The collection is inspired by Andrés personal connection to the classic Nylite as he grows up in Atlanta. From Andre´s original sketches to the completed line, the classic Nylite has been infused with the style icon’s playful spirit and design sensibility.

2019 – Eco Essentials sneakers

Tretorn brings back key styles from our sneaker archive, dipping into our 120 years of heritage as a preppy sport sneaker manufacturer. The new sneakers have an updated modern design and are a also part of the Eco Essentials Initiative.

The Eco Essentials element to the sneakers enables us to focus on bringing back locally sourced natural rubber as the main compound for the outsoles. We also use recycled rubber to create the inner-liner, and Eco Tannery Tan-Tec for Eco Suede and Eco leather: all traceable to farm, cow or sheep, all made with reduced water usage and strict regulations on the colorings used.